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Voxx is the only Psychic who offers these amazing services!

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Again, Voxx is the only Psychic who offers these amazing services!

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Specialty Magickal Services provided only by Voxx.
For those who have need of specific detailed answers to Metaphysical or Magickal Questions. For those too busy to take a formal class.

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VOXX INFO: Voxx has been reading professionally for over 20 years. She is the descendant of a long line of Psychics, Spiritual Counselors and Mystical Teachers on both sides of her family. In addition to being naturally psychically gifted, Voxx is an initiate of several respected mystical orders, and has dedicated her life to the scholarly study and practice of the Psychic Sciences. According to thousands of clients worldwide, Voxx is the most accurate Psychic you will ever encounter. In each reading, Voxx gives specific names, dates, times, and amazing details which will definitely astound you!

THE VOXX METHOD: Voxx utilizes an extraordinary combination of skills, including Clairvoyance, Tarot, Astrology and Numerology in each reading. The level of detail she gives in her Psychic readings is indeed miraculous, and her timing is impeccable. Unlike some Psychics, Voxx does not need to employ Hypnosis -- her readings are powerful, down-to-earth and filled with insight and compassion.


To get the absolute most out of your Psychic reading, it will help you to look at the page entitled, The Voxx Experience.


All Voxx's Psychic Readings give full use of her abilities in Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, Dream Interpretation. If requested Voxx will be glad to utilize her additional skills in Automatic Writing, Contacting Spirit and Angelic Guides, Runes, Geomancy, and Bibliomancy.

One-on-one, Lovers Readings (for couples), Spirit Contact (seances), Past-Life Readings, Pet Readings (Animal Telepathy), Family Readings, Children's Readings (safe and helpful), Legal Readings (for court cases), Business Readings. Readings for help with Career Counseling, Life Coaching and Artistic Development are also available.

PSYCHIC READINGS AVAILABLE IN THESE FORMS: Although it is enjoyable to have a Psychic reading in-person, it is not always timely or practical to do so. In such cases, Voxx provides Psychic readings by phone, by e-mail, and by internet chat, for the convenience of her many worldwide clients. For an additional fee, Voxx is happy to travel to your home or office location, locally or internationally, to provide you with an incredibly accurate reading, for your greatest convenience.


PHONE READINGS: Client is responsible for all phone charges, as the Client will call Voxx to obtain their reading. After pre-paying for your phone reading, send Voxx an email to let her know you have sent your payment, so she can arrange a mutually-beneficial time to perform your reading over the phone.

Voxx will then contact the Client via e-mail to confirm receipt of your payment, and will send the phone number the Client should call at the scheduled time to receive their Psychic Reading.


METHODS OF PAYMENT: Voxx accepts payment by credit card via Paypal. Select the type of reading you want, and click the Add to Cart button below it. We are a secured site. We also accept payment for readings via cashier's check, personal money order. or Western Union.

Please contact Voxx's office directly before sending your payment by either calling the Voxx hotline number listed below, or by e-mail. Your payment must be received and cleared before Voxx can provide you with your Psychic reading.


Refund & Cancellation Policy: Voxx does not offer refunds for Psychic Readings for any reason whatsoever, Her fee is based solely upon the time she spends with each client, regardless of the client's opinion as to the accuracy of information given in their Psychic Reading. Remember, a true Psychic will tell you things that can only be proven over time; you may not understand how your Reading will manifest, so keep an open mind. As the art of Metaphysics is beyond the proof of science, each client agrees to seek out such Voxx's advice of their own volition, with the specific awareness that no guarantees exist regarding information gained via psychic means. All we can say is that Voxx's clients can attest to her incredible accuracy via their personal testimonials.

To Reschedule a Psychic Reading: Standard professional policy states that Voxx must be personally notified 24-hours prior to any Psychic Reading cancellation. There are no refunds for missed Psychic Readings -- however, Voxx will be happy to reschedule your Psychic Reading. However, be assured that
Voxx will make every attempt to reschedule your Psychic Reading as a courtesy.

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Customer Service Hotline: If you experience any difficulty in using PayPal, or in using the site, please call: 323-782-0222.

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