For those of you who have never had the pleasure of having a Psychic reading with Voxx, you are in for a wonderful experience. In addition to being an incredibly accurate Psychic, Voxx is compassionate and highly-ethical. Her clients are loyal, many having had readings with her for the last 20 years, thanks to her astounding accuracy rate. She possesses a warm, upbeat personality that is refreshingly engaging and not only predicts your future, but helps you change it!


As Voxx is one of only a few gifted Psychics who can answer questions accurately, specifically and with detail, it will help you to formulate your questions before your actual reading. This will ensure that you do not forget to ask her any important questions during your session.

Make a list of all the situations you wish to clarify, people you are curious about, and questions regarding the timing of future events. Voxx is able to answer questions about other people who are not present, including those who have departed this life (See the Specialty Readings and Afterlife Readings information.) Voxx also reads photographs, so you may also e-mail her a photo of any people you wish to discuss. In addition, Voxx reads couples, so if you and your partner wish to share a reading, compile the above-mentioned information for borh parties.


When you set your appointment with Voxx, please be sure to give her or her assistant this important information:

(1) Your full birth name (as written on your birth certificate), (2) Your birthdate (Day, Month, Year),( 3) Your exact time of birth (if you can obtain it), (4) Your birthplace (City, State, Country).

If you wish to discuss any other individuals in-depth, please include this information for the other person as well. The purpose of giving this information is to create your personal Astrological and Numerological profile. This information will ensure that Voxx will predict with absolute precision, the dates and times of specific events related to your future. This information is kept private, and secure. Voxx deletes all such personal information immediately after each reading, unless the client wishes their information be kept on-file for future readings. The above-mentioned information, although quite useful, is not absolutely necessary. People choose their lives with the help of Divinity, not Astrology or Numbers -- however, they are helpful tools for mapping out potential events with greater precision.

NOTE: Bring two (2) new audiocassette tapes -- Voxx allows you to tape the entire reading!


Keep an open mind, and an open heart always. Remember, Voxx is here to help you make the best decisions to obtain the best life you can possibly achieve. It's her mission in life to make sure you obtain your heart's desire. Make sure to have your list ready, then get ready to change your life for the better, no matter what your troubles may be. Many people have a truly joyful experience with Voxx. You'll be glad you chose Voxx as your Psychic counselor.


The first part of the reading is called "The General Reading," and will take approximately 5-10 minutes. Voxx will greet you, then say her prayers. She will help you to relax and focus your mind on the situation at-hand. Voxx will already have your Astrological and Numerologial profile ready (so don't forget to give her the information beforehand!)

Voxx will then proceed to tell you all about yourself, your present condition and specific details without your having to speak a word. After this, the "Questions & Answers" section of the reading will begin. Unless you wish to concentrate on a single subject (which you may do), Voxx will take care of any money and career questions you may have first. After taking care of your security issues, you may spend the rest of your reading finding out the answers to any and all of your deepest concerns.

Voxx will tell you everything she sees with a positive, cheerful attitude -- empowering you to face your life's most difficult challenges with inspiration and accurate predictions. Many people come to Voxx with worries and sadness in their lives -- as a result, sometimes people may feel overwhelmed emotionally and cry, releasing their burdens to Voxx. This can happen, so keep some tissues handy. But, don't worry -- no matter how worried you feel at the beginning of your reading, we can guarantee you will feel much better after your session. Let Voxx heal you!


After your session with Voxx, if you wish, she will guide you through an empowering and healing meditation that will calm you and leave you peaceful. Voxx may offer suggestions for on-going affirmations and prayers that will continue to help you a long time after you've had your reading. Depending on what type of reading you purchase from Voxx, you may receive free charts, candles and incenses -- your complimentary gifts for choosing Voxx as your special Psychic angel.

If you should have any further questions regarding Voxx or her Psychic readings, please feel free to contact her by e-mail. You may also wish to view our Testimonials page. Voxx looks forward to providing you with world-class Psychic counseling. See you soon!

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Have a mystical, magickal day!

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