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All Readings Combine Clairvoyance, Clairaudience,
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Psychic Reading with Voxx By Phone

(See Special Offers Below)

(When you need the answer fast!)

FEE FOR 30 MINUTES: $200.00
(Get the lowdown quick and easy!)
FEE FOR 60 MINUTES: $400.00
(Recommended. Get the details, dates & names!)
FEE FOR 90 MINUTES: $600.00
(Ideal for receiving a Past-Life Reading.)
* Phone Readings: Client is responsible for all phone charges. After pre-paying for your phone reading, send Voxx an email to let her know, so she can arrange a mutually-beneficial time to perform your reading over the phone.

Voxx will then contact the Client via e-mail to confirm the receipt of the payment, and will send the phone number the Client should call at the scheduled time.
Special Offers Available for Psychic Reading Clients Only!

Get an Astrological Chart for half-price, when you purchase a Psychic Reading.

Get a Numerological Chart for half-price, when you purchase a Psychic Reading.

Get a Magickal Candle for half-price, when you purchase a Psychic Reading.

Refund & Cancellation Policy:
Voxx does not offer refunds for Psychic Readings for any reason whatsoever, Her fee is based solely upon the time she spends with each client, regardless of the client's opinion as to the accuracy of information given in their Psychic Reading. Remember, a true Psychic will tell you things that can only be proven over time; you may not understand how your Reading will manifest, so keep an open mind. As the art of Metaphysics is beyond the proof of science, each client agrees to seek out such Voxx's advice of their own volition, with the specific awareness that no guarantees exist regarding information gained via psychic means. All we can say is that Voxx's clients can attest to her incredible accuracy via their personal testimonials.

To Reschedule a Psychic Reading: Standard professional policy states that Voxx must be personally notified 24-hours prior to any Psychic Reading cancellation. There are no refunds for missed Psychic Readings -- however, Voxx will be happy to reschedule your Psychic Reading. However, be assured that Voxx will make every attempt to reschedule your Psychic Reading as a courtesy.
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