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Planetary Transits Through the 12 Houses

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An Explanation of the Components of Transits

The Zodiac Wheel is divided into 12 Numbered Houses and numbered as such on charts. Each House has a unique environment and meaning, representing certain areas of life. Planets in a House are expressed in the areas the particular Astrological House represents. For a more detailed explanation, please see, The 12 Houses of the Zodiac.

Astrological Component What It Represents

The Planets

The Planets represent what is going on, as well as what you want. 

Signs represent the manner in which events occur, as well as how go about getting what you want.
The 12 Houses Houses represent where the activity is taking place as well as where you seek what you want.
Aspects Aspects represent the quality of the energy used to seek what you want.
Transits Transits represent the movement of the Planets through the Houses that activate the energies of the Horoscope.

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