Voxx Astrology: Moon Transits Through the Zodiac

Every 2-1/2 days, the Moon moves through one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. On this page, you will find the exact sign that the Moon is currently passing through. Use this page to learn how the movement of the Moon through the Zodiac affects your life and even world events.

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Moon Transits Through the 12 Houses

The transits of the Moon emphasize temporary emotional reactions to every day experience and adjustment, but they can be utilized in a practical way.

For example the best time to interview for a job is when the Moon transits the individual's natal Sun sign. Since the Sun and Moon constitute a complete polarity and unit of energy flow, they should be used in relation to each other in transit.

The New Moon especially is extremely powerful in that it often strongly activates a natal planet if it aspects it by Conjunction, Opposition, or to a lesser extent, by Square. Very often, the New Moon aspecting a natal planet will be the only indicator of a powerful experience.

The Transiting Moon Through a House Position Can Also Indicate Any Of The Following:

1) That past patterns of response and subconscious attitudes (karma from past lives) toward the area of life ruled by the transited astrological house tend to become apparent.

2) That much attention will be focused upon that area of experience for the entire time the Moon is in the transited astrological house.

3) That changing interests will become evident as the progressed Moon changes astrological house (and especially when it aspects various natal planets).

4) That new contacts, meetings, or relationships will also tend to occur either when the Moon is changing astrological house, or when it makes close aspects to natal planets.

5) That one's overall mood will be symbolized by the progressed Moon's astrological house position, and therefore, that definite psychological developments tend to occur as one assimilates this new experience. (It is important to note that the Moon is closely related to nourishment, feeding, and mothering, thus assimilating sustenance; hence one might say that we feed on that area of experience during the time the Moon is in a certain astrological house.)

6) That the progressed Moon's position, in some cases, shows as many authors state, the everyday circumstances and environment; but in almost all cases, it reveals what is preoccupying your mind.

7) That the progressed Moon's house position shows where your vital energies are going, toward what field of experience and types of interests you are being drawn, and to what area of your life you're particularly responsive and sensitive.

The Moon in Your Daily Horoscope

(Note: You may notice the following traits in others as well.)

Meaning of the Moon Transiting the 1st House:

Moon Transiting 1st House


Marked by Ascendant.
Self Awareness
Self Discovery
The Behavior Temperament Appearance
Physical Self

Positive Effect: You may feel more nurturing today. Feeling like mothering people and showing you care. Your emotions will right on the surface. You may feel more vulnerable on this day. Try not to take things too seriously. You mood will be very changeable . You may also decide to change something about your appearance.

Negative Effect: You may feel more vulnerable on this day. Try not to take things too seriously. You mood will be very changeable. You may also be overly moody, undependable and fussy.

Meaning of the Moon Transiting the 2nd House:
Moon Transiting 2nd House


Personal Resources
M ateriality
House or property
Financial matters

Positive Effect: You seek safety and security when the moon passes through your 2nd House. You may feel more hungry than usual, and desire to be extravagant. You may feel like spending money on this day. You may feel more romantic toward your partner or find a new attraction to someone.

Negative Effect: You may feel more hungry than usual, so watch your diet. You will feel the desire to be extravagant, and spend too much money on this day. You may also feel somewhat possessive; stingy; and/or neurotic.

Meaning of the Moon Transiting the 3rd House:

Moon Transiting 3rd House


Mental Activity
Immediate environment
Mental aptitudes
Early childhood
Short journeys
Early education

Positive Effect: You will be more receptive to the feelings of others, and freely share your own emotions. You will shine in your community, coming up with bright ideas. You may also feel the need, or have to do some short traveling.

Negative Effect: You may get too touchy over words on this day. Don't talk too much! You may also feel overly protective of family and community. You may find yourself to be overly talkative. Mind your own business. Refrain from appearing scattered.

Meaning of the Moon Transiting the 4th House:

Moon Transiting 4th House


Home & Roots
Home & Hearth
Inner World
Inner security
Domestic affairs
Family life
Parental influence
The past
Private thoughts
Social Houses

Positive Effect: The Moon rules this house ...You will feel deeply connected with the past, your mother or other caretaker, your family and your subconscious mind. You tend to get lost in memories during this transit. You may feel like staying home.

Negative Effect: Your home is a safe haven - a refuge. You may be very moody, and strongly affected by lunar phases. Tendency toward shutting people out. Try not to be Co-dependent, and avoid cultivating it in others. Get out and try something new.

Meaning of the Moon Transiting the 5th House:

Moon Transiting 5th House


Love affairs
Luck and speculation
Feel special
Fun, Excitement

Positive Effect: You will be emotional and protective in recreational activities, childrearing and other creative pursuits. You nurture others by participating in fun or creative activities with them. You feel safe and nurtured among creative, fun-loving people and children. Good time for Romance and starting a family.

Negative Effect: Remember your duties. You may become unreliable, or feel tired and lazy. Resist temptations during this transit -- with drinks, drugs, and sex.

Meaning of the Moon Transiting the 6th House:

Moon Transiting 6th House


Service & Health
Daily Life
Work and job 
Self Improvement
Hard work
Service to others
Material learning
Habit patterns
Food and Diet

Positive Effect: You will feel like nurturing and mothering yourself and others, particularly when it comes to health, diet and hygiene. You are very particular about foods, wanting only the best and most nutritious. You will have focus and seek to finish projects.

Negative Effect: Beware of low self-esteem on the job. Nobody likes a martyr. Remember to show you care to your family and loved ones, as there is a tendency to become a workaholic.

Meaning of the Moon Transiting the 7th House:

Moon Transiting 7th House


Marriage Partner
Business Partners
Joint Endeavors
Significant Others
Social Concerns
Attitudes of intimacy
Friends & Public

Positive Effect: You will feel warm, charming, nurturing and kind during this transit. You will enjoy being pampered and pampering others.

Negative Effect: You may feel lost and alone without a love partner. You need to feel warmth and security from your mate now. You may be extra protective and/or clingy. You may also experience legal problems during this transit. Don't become co-dependent.

Meaning of the Moon Transiting the 8th House:
Moon Transiting 8th House


Death & Rebirth
Letting go
Shared resources
Life/Death attitude
Wills & Legacies
House of Change
The Esoteric
Positive Effect: You may feel overly emotional and protective in sexual relationships. You may tend to mother your partner.

Negative Effect: You will feel intensely during this transit. You may mistake loyalty for jealousy. You need financial security to feel nurtured and safe. You may experience problems with legacies. Do not become morbid. You may feel overly sexual, and melancholic without a partner. Reach out to others now.

Meaning of the Moon Transiting the 9th House:

Moon Transiting 9th House


Mental Exploration
Travel & Quests
Expanded horizons
Higher learning
Foreign countries
Higher Mind

Positive Effect: You will feel a desire to travel, or take a class; or possibly learn another language. You may bump into people from others cultures. You may desire to get away from it all, and be in nature. Animals (especially horses) may be highlighted. University classes, or methods of bettering yourself will be of interest right now. Plan a trip. Go camping; enjoy activities with family and children.

Negative Effect: Avoid fanaticism. Lose your fear of commitment; avoid appearing superficial.

Meaning of the Moon Transiting the 10th House:
Moon Transiting 10th House


Outer World
Worldly standing
Positive Effect: It's your time to shine in your chosen profession, and be recognized and appreciated. You may feel overly emotionally involved with your work or career, burning the candle at both ends. You may feel like the individual who keeps the group together.

Negative Effect: Avoid becoming dictatorial; allow others their opinions -- learn to listen. Learn to communicate with others.

Meaning of the Moon Transiting the 11th House:

Moon Transiting 11th House


Friends & Groups
Group creativity
Hopes & wishes

Positive Effect: You may feel like hanging out with friends, catching up with old buddies. Church get-togethers and parties are highlighted. You will feel more like networking with others, sharing new age ideas, or even performing service work for your community.

Negative Effect: Avoid losing your focus; let go of grudges; avoid gossip that can hurt. Don't OD on the internet, talk to real humans.

Meaning of the Moon Transiting the 12th House:

Moon Transiting 12th House


Spiritual Path
Search for unity
Subconscious mind
Hidden resources
Hidden problems
House of  secrets
Self undoing

Positive Effect: You may feel extremely empathetic and over emotional. You may feel lost or overwhelmed by the drama of everyday life. Take time to retreat and connect with your feelings. Avoid accidents; take time to heal.

Negative Effect: Try not to become too morbid or depressed. Avoid strangers or flighty plans. Addictive behaviors come to the fore. Issues of Karma and past-lives may need to be dealt with.


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