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Greetings, and welcome. Here you will find information regarding the topic known in Astrology as, Moon Void-of-Course. This page is dedicated to understanding the meaning of this Lunar aspect. Here, you will learn how to proceed magickally, as well as personally in order to mitigate it's influence.

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Roughly, every two and one-half days, the Moon changes signs. During this time, it makes no direct aspects, and is considered relatively unstable. The low-down is that it is an unfavorable time to make any major decisions, nor to do anything of great importance. The reason being, that anything begun or finished right now will either not work out (at worst), or will simply have to be redone (at best).

Needless to say, do not make important decisions at this time. It's better to wait until the time after which the Moon firmly enters the next Zodiac sign. For example, when the Moon is Void-of-Course in Pisces, it would be better to wait to start or finish a project once the Moon had completely entered into the next sign of Aries.

Moon Magick: The wise witches out there who happen to know the art of Astrology can vouch for the wisdom of performing rituals when the Moon is favorably aspected. Therefore, it is best to avoid doing serious Magick during a time when the the Moon is VOC, (especially for acquiring things, or situations).

In order to help you plan the best times to start or finish a project, please check out the times below for the rest of March 2007. I will soon be listing the VOC Moons for the rest of 2007.

Moon Void-of-Course (VOC) - Explained

Caution: Moon Void-of-Course

When the Moon is in the process of moving between signs, from one sign to the next, it is said to be void-of-course. Magickal experts have noted that during this time, the Moon's effect on the Earth (and it's inhabitants) is highly unstable. Consequently, any good Magician knows that it's best to avoid doing any important magick work while the moon is void-of-course. In fact, it's best not to perform any magick work at all during this time, as the success of your ritual (and your effort) is highly doubtful. Be sure not to sign any contracts or make any important decisions during this time as well!

The term, "Moon Void-of-Course" means the Moon has exited the previous Zodiac Sign, but has not yet entered the next Sign. During this "void" or "in-between" time, the Moon does not make any aspects to any other Planets; however, this issue is debated by some Astrologers. It is my personal Psychic opinion that the Void time is not a favorable, nor stable time to pursue action, as the desired result will not be satisfactory.

Note: Moon "VOC" is an abbreviation for the term Void-of-Course.

Effects of VOC: Traditionally, Astrologers have noticed that the VOC Moon brings currents of negative energies, such as of disruption and chaos. Any important issues decided upon or performed during the VOC time will fail or will no doubt have to be repeated.

What to Avoid During VOC:
Avoid making important decisions or having your car (computer, etc) repaired during a VOC Moon. For spell-casting and ritual purposes, steer clear of the VOC Moon as the spell will not be effective--it is a waste of your time and energy.

Note: For Magicians & Ritualists: For Magickal Work and Ritual purposes, (Spells, etc.) it is best to avoid performing your Ritual during this time. Experienced will show that the intended desire of your work will not be satisfactory to you. However, if you are a Chaos magician, you will no doubt find this the perfect time for your Magickal purpose.

What to Do During VOC: Just relax, rejuvenate, and stick to daily routines.
For spell-casting and ritual purposes, steer clear of the VOC Moon as the spell will not be effective--it is a waste of your time and energy.

Moon Void-Of-Course - Dates for 2007

(For Pacific Times, event will happen 3 hours earlier)

(For Central/Mountain Times, event will happen 2 hours earlier)

June 2007

July 2007

August 2007 (coming soon)
September 2007 (coming soon)
October 2007 (coming soon)
November 2007 (coming soon)
December 2007 (coming soon)

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