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Sponsor an Eternal Spirit Page for a loved one by making a yearly donation in honor of your departed loved one.

This page is an on-line Memorial Cyber Chapel dedicated to the remembrance of people who have passed away from physical manifestation.

When you sponsor an Eternal Spirit Page for a loved one, in addition to having a Memorial Page added to this site, you will receive a discount on a very special Afterlife Reading by Voxx. Reserve your page today! For more info on sponsoring a page for a loved one, please contact Voxx.

For more info on matters such as Spirit Contact, Seances, ghosts and other paranormal phenomena, please visit the Spirit Talk Index. If you would like to contact the spirit of someone (anyone, for that matter!) please feel free to arrange for Voxx to perform a Seance for you.

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As Voxx is also a published Poet and recording artist, she enjoys communing primarily with the spirits of artists. Voxx will publish a book of channeled teachings of the Buddha in 2005. Some of the spirits she Voxx contacted on an ongoing basis are:

Rumi (Sufi Poet)

(Spiritual Avatar)

Arthur Rimbaud (French Symbolist Poet)

Rainer Maria Rilke (Romantic Poet)

Ted Hughes (English Poet Laureate)

Billie Holiday (Jazz Singer)

John Lennon (Poet, Musician)

Jim Morrison (Poet, Musician)

Janis Joplin (Rock Singer)

Kurt Cobain (Rock musician)

Jeff Buckley (Musician)

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