Voxx is not only a tremendously gifted Psychic, but also possesses the God-given ability of being what is termed as a “Trance Medium,” of which there are several distinct types. The first type of Trance is termed, an “Angelic Trance,” during which Voxx contacts her Angelic Guide through which she is able to directly communicate with the Guardian Angel of her client. Many people find this type of Trance-Work especially healing.

The second type of Trance is termed as “Waking Trance,” during which Voxx remains in what is termed as, “Full Essence,” and in this state Voxx does not receive any help from outside entities whatsoever.

The third type of Trance is termed as “Deep Trance.” In this powerful and intense Psychic State, Voxx communicates with her Spiritual Guide, “Shekinah” to enter her body and communicate with people directly. This phenomena is called “Deep Trance” because it involves a total exchange of egos, between Voxx and her Spiritual Guide. During such a Trance, Voxx retains no conscious awareness of anything that is said nor anything which transpires. The term, “Trance Medium” denotes the method of a Psychic who communicates directly with the Other Side.

During such Trance-Work, Shekinah speaks directly, in control of the movements of Voxx's body. There is no noticeable change in her demeanor or voice. Voxx continues to remain still and seated during the session. Shekinah is an individual, much as we are, whose only difference from us is that she currently resides on the Other Side of Being. Shekinah does not claim to be a saint, nor a deity of any kind from any religion. She strives toward spiritual perfection just as we all do.

Shekinah’s gift to us is that from her more complete perspective of life, she can see our human existence more clearly and objectively, and offers us a new way to see our lives. Also, Shekinah -- in her limitless aspect of pure spirit, is able to obtain and give out more detailed information because of the Spiritual training and work she has dedicated her spirit life to.

Shekinah is constantly gathering helpful information with which to benefit mankind. Shekinah is able to understand not only the plights of the living and physically deceased, but helps communicate with all forms of life, including animals and the Earth itself. Shekinah possesses profound knowledge and insight and offers amazingly accurate information to every question she is asked. She indeed connects us to the invisible world known as “The Other Side.”

Shekinah is able to communicate and link Voxx with the great spirits and minds from any time in the Universe. She is a tremendously loving being who possesses profound wisdom, insights, patience and humility and has blessed the countless people who have had the wonderfully healing experience of listening to her counsel, as well as reveling in her Spiritual presence.

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