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The Master Numbers - The Number 33
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(According to Pythagoras)



Color / Metal
Tarot Symbols



Crusader for Justice.

Depths of Human












Selfless Service



Universal Vision

World Teacher

World Traveler







(Ruler of
Taurus the Bull)



Ruler of
the Archer


The Sun




Leo the Lion











Green, Pale Blue; Pink.

Metal - Copper.



Violet; Purple.

Metal - Tin.



Yellow; Golden shades.

Metal - Gold.

Ace of Wands
(The Force of Light)

The Empress
(The 3rd Trump)

The Wheel

(The 10th Trump:
Ruled by Jupiter)

The Sun
(The 19th Trump:
The Sign of the Messiah)


(The 11th Trump:
Triumph Over the Beast.)


Ideas Represented by the Number 33

The Number 33 is the most influential of all numbers. It is the Master Number of Universal Love. The 33 combines the vibration of both the Numbers 11 and 22, bringing their unlimited potential to the highest level, when realized to it’s fullest potential.

Characteristics of People Ruled by the Number 33

Thirty-Threes tend to be lacking in all personal ambition, instead deciding to focus their considerable abilities toward the spiritual uplifting of mankind. Thrirty-Threes exhibit the highest level of sincere devotion toward humanity, and they are known to practice what they preach. They show determination in seek to understand the world, and display great, real wisdom. The Number 33 in full force is exceedingly rare, but makes itself known in such Spiritual Warriors as Jesus, and Che Guevara, amongst others.

Those under the influence of the Number 33 are on the journey of discovering love’s powerful healing energy, by opening their hearts and showing the masses, unconditional love. The only problem with this number is that it tends to obliterate any shred of the mundane personal traits of it’s possessor, as it is a number of Christ Consciousness. Many of those with this number have been persecuted, or come to an unjust, violent end for their religious and philosophical beliefs.

Correspondences of the Number 33

Lunar (Moon) Influence (11): The lucky day is Monday. Stones under the lunar aspect of this number influence of this number include: the Pearl, Moonstone, and Shell. The metal associated with this aspect of the 33 vibration is Silver. The lunar colours associated with the Number 33 are White, Cream and Silver. White is the colour of purity; Silver is the colour of calmness, and both represent the emotional balance that Twenty-Twos need to keep.

Jupiterian (Jupiter) Influence (3): The lucky day is Thursday. Stones under the Jupiterian aspect of this number influence of this number include: the Amethyst (all Purple stones.) The metal associated with this aspect of the 33 vibration is Tin. The colour Purple in all it’s shades is associated with the Number 33, which is the colour of both Royalty and Spirituality, which is not coincidentally the most important lesson that Threes need to keep in mind.

Venusian (Venus) Influence (6): The lucky day is Friday. Stones under the Venusian aspect of this number influence of this number include: the Turquoise and Emerald (all blue/green stones.) The metal associated with this aspect of the 33 vibration is Copper. The colours associated with this aspect of the Number 33 are Green, Pale Blue and Pink, as these colours denote gentleness and calm, important issues for Thirty-Threes, as they need to keep their emotions balanced. Turquoise and emeralds aid Sixes in the same manner.

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