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The Number 3
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(According to Pythagoras)

Planet / Zodiac
Color / Metal
Tarot Symbols











Generative Force

Gift of Words



Love of Pleasure





Sense of Morality



Successful Results



The Archer

Purple, Lilac, Amethyst.

Metal - Tin

The Wheel
(Wheel of Fortune)



Ideas Represented by the Number 3

Three is the number of success and independence, body, soul, and spirit. Three is also the number associated with the idea of the Trinity, (Father, Mother, and Child,) in the Christian religion. However, the number three is also sacred (and more anciently so) as the Triple Goddess. There is a superstition that wishes and curses also come in the form of three. The sacred shape of the triangle is also under the auspices of the number 3, as the triangle possesses 3 sides/points.

Characteristics of People Ruled by the Number 3

Threes are said to be successful, brilliant, bold, successful, outgoing, expressive, optimistic, freedom loving, independent, and ambitious. Sometimes, Threes portray a sense of calmness or discipline, yet, at other times, they are so energetic and dynamic others cannot keep up with them.

Three are often considered lucky, and possess a great sense of humour, and are good at problem solving. Threes, can also be deeply spiritual and conscientious. Nevertheless, Negative traits of Threes are that they can be withdrawn, bossy, frivolous, and superficial. They can have problems about being too controlling or behaving as if all too-knowing. Their independence sometimes can hide being overly proud or overly righteous.

Correspondences of the Number 3

The ruling planet of Threes is Jupiter. Their lucky day is Thursday. All shades of purple are considered under the rule of the number three. The colour Purple is the shade of royalty, and is considered a colour of success. The lucky stone of Threes are any purple stones, such as Amethyst. The metal of the number Three is Tin. Purple, too, is the colour of spirituality, which is not coincidentally the most important lesson that Threes need to keep in mind.

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