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The Master Numbers - The Number 22
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(According to Pythagoras)


Tarot Symbols


Benefactor of







Master Builder

Master Number

Master Organizer

Master Planner

Mastery through


Natural Leader


Powerful Force

Practical Idealism

Practical Mystic



Spiritual Discipline

Spiritual Force

Spiritual Mastery

The Master Builder

The Wise

Universal Emotion

Universal Endeavors


Because 22 is 2 x 11:


Cancer the Crab













Because 22 is the higher octave of 4:



Aries the Ram

White; Cream; Silver.

Metal - Silver; Platinum.














Scarlet; Red;

Metal - Iron; Steel.

The Priestess
(The 2nd Trump: because 2x11=22)

(The 11th Trump: because 11x2=22)

(The 17th Trump: because it is ruled by Uranus)

The Tower
(The 16th Trump: because 4x4=16)

The Emperor
(The 4th Trump)


Ideas Represented by the Number 22

The Number 22 is the most powerful of all numbers. It is referred to as the number of the Master Builder. The Number 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into full-fledged reality. This number is potentially the most successful of all numbers as it contains the seed of the inspirational insights of the Number 11, yet is combined with the practicality and methodical nature of the Number 4. As such, this number contains unlimited potential, yet possesses a vibration which lends discipline to the individual or being under it’s influence.

Characteristics of People Ruled by the Number 22

Twenty-Twos recognize the archetypal essence of things, and have the ability to manifest their dreams on the Earth Plane. Twenty-Twos set big goals to reach, and posses the ability to plan well. Despite their ability for disciplining themselves, they are at heart, idealists. Twenty-Twos are the true leaders, the Power Behind the Power, and have confidence within themselves, as well as the ability to inspire the same in others.

The only drawback for people who are under the influence of this number is that, if they do not find a practical way to utilize their abilities, they can wind up wasting large amounts of their potential. Like the Elevens, Twenty-Twos can find themselves facing the daunting prospect of living up to their own great promise, causing them to retreat. When this happens, they can lose their ambition, which then causes an intense build-up of pressure. Not only is the Number 22 a powerful number for good, it can also, if not channeled positively, can wreak havoc on the Twenty-Twos themselves, but on everyone they come into contact with.

Those under the influence of both the Number 11 and 22, can experience the pressure of having to live up to their own impossibly high ideas, even from an young age. The secret to dealing with these Master Number energies effectively is to recognize the need for working toward the realization of goals that will ultimately benefit humanity at large. In this way, those who possess the Number 22 in their Numeroscopes must learn to use their power to serve the world in a meaningful way, by working for the spiritual and humane furtherance of mankind.

Correspondences of the Number 22

The Number 22 is ruled by several influences: 2 (as it is the sum of 2 x 11); 4 (as, although 22 is not reduced to a single digit, it’s sum nevertheless equals 4); and finally, 11 (as 2 is multiplied by this 11 to obtain 22.) Therefore, although the ruling planet of the Number 22, is Uranus (4), it is co-ruled by the Moon (2 and 11).

Lunar (Moon) Influence (2/11): The lucky day is Monday. Stones under the lunar aspect of this number influence of this number include: the Pearl, Moonstone, and Shell. The metal associated with this aspect of the 22 vibration is Silver. The lunar colours associated with the Number 22 are White, Cream and Silver. White is the colour of purity; Silver is the colour of calmness, and both represent the emotional balance that Twenty-Twos need to keep.

Uranian (Uranian) Influence (4): The lucky day is Sunday. Stones under the Uranian aspect of this number influence of this number include: the Sapphire and the Lapis Lazuli (all blue stones.) The metal associated with this aspect of the 22 vibration is Platinum. The Uranian colours associated with the Number 22 are Blue and Silver, which are colors of calmness which help the Twenty-Twos keep a healthy balance between their opposite sides, and to help them make friends more easily.

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