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Voxx began studying the Metaphysical Arts as a young child of 7. Through the years, she was initiated into several respected Magickal Orders, such as the O.T.O., and the Golden Dawn, amongst others. As a result of her lifelong dedication and study of Magick and the Kabbalah, she has become an expert in the art of evoking the Spirits of the Goetia. Voxx has developed a form of Candle Magick that will help you safely evoke the ancient spirits of Solomon the King in order to accomplish your magickal will.

In addition to her natural intuitive understanding of Magick, Voxx adds her knowledge of the Kabbalah, Astrology and Numerology to not only predict the future, but to actually help change future events.

Voxx's spells for Goetia Magick® are not found anywhere else! You will find her Magickal techniques enlightening, and unique, as well as highly-effective, if performed properly. One of Voxx's new books on the Art of Evoking Spirits will be available in 2004.

In addition to performing a variety of Psychic Tarot Readings, Voxx offers a unique selection of various personalized Metaphysical Charts and Reports for every need. Magick really works. Order your Psychic Tarot Reading now! If you want to learn more about this fascinating Psychic Art, sign up for a Class today!

Goetia Spirits: Reference Guide
(Listed Alphabetically, By Subject Powers)

Find out about other unique Goetia Books by Voxx!

Due to overwhelming demand, Voxx's new book, Goetia Spirits: A Detailed Reference Guide is now available in print! To buy your copy today, or to find out more, contact Voxx; or simply visit the Goetia Magick Store!

In this book, you will find a list of all the Goetic Spirits, listed alphabetically, by their subject powers. In addition, beneath each Power listed are numbers. These signify the number of the Spirit, as traditionally listed in "The Lemegeton," also, known as "The Book of Goetia."

The book contains a valuable Contents Page, and several methods of cross-referencing the Spirits, never before available! Once you have decided upon a Goetia Spirit to evoke in your Candle Magick ritual, go to the Goetia Magick Spell Page Index to purchase your Goetia Magick Spell Kits, Ritual, and Goetia Magick Oils & Incenses.

*Indicates a Karmic Spell & should be done by an initiated, or trained ritualist only. Remember, the Magick you do can com back to you, so conjure responsibly please. Remember to use a sense of magickal ethics. If your spell is overly selfish or has no real merit, or is done in anger, you may be subjected to "The Law of Three." Voxx is not liable, either professionally, nor karmically for your use of these Goetia Spells. Proceed magickally, at your own Karmic discretion.


Note from Voxx: Dear Students and Fellow Magicians - I have personally created the above-listed Goetia Spells after a lifetime of experience and initiations in the Magickal Arts. My Goetia Spells are derived from magickal correspondences taken from the Mystical Kabbalah (Qabalah), and reflect the highest level of Magickal Ethics and Spiritual Integrity. The above Spells are considered a form of Evocatory Magick, and can be performed with a good conscience. Please practice your Magick Rituals sensibly.

Legal Disclaimer: All Voxx Spells and Spell Kits are sold with the spiritual intent that they will bless and benefit your life and everyone in it. However, due to the nature of Karma and Divine Will, Voxx makes no claim as to the efficacy or certainty of any result derived from the performance of any of the above-listed Spells. Voxx is not legally nor spiritually liable for the results of the performance of any of the aforesaid rituals. Please use spiritual and ethical sense before performing any ritual that may infringe upon the free will of any carnate or discarnate being.

Copyright Notice: The above information has never before been published in this form before and is the intellectual property of Voxx the Psychic. It is prohibited to print, copy or published this material, in any form, for any reason without the express, written permission from Voxx. This material is copyright protected. Voxx the Psychic & Voxx Metamedia, © 2003-2005.

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