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To look up the general meaning of a Familiar and/or Totem Animal, see the alphabetical chart, listed below.

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Familiar and Totem Animal Dictionary

(Colors, Action, Timing & Emotions must be considered.)

Familiar or
Totem Animal

General Meaning

See Dream Dictionary for Details


Alligator Survival instinct. Stealth to move unseen. Mothering instinct protection of one's young.
Ant Industrious. Self sacrifice. Knowing their place. Working for the good of the community .
Antelope To move with speed and grace. Awareness of ones surroundings. The ability to advance quickly.
Badger Tidiness and Organization. Bravery when cornered. Badger is a digger so is able to communicate with the Underworld.
Beaver Expert builders. Can rebuild shaky foundations. Water elementals they work with the subconscious and therefore are good at finding hidden answers and forgotten dreams.
Bear Spirit keeper of the West. (The place of maturity and good harvests. Linked to solar energies and lunar energies.) Strength, Power, Introspective and Knowledgeable.

(See Specific)

To unite with others. but retain ones individualism. Freedom in flight.

Mysticism. Hypnotic hold over others. Can move between the seen and unseen worlds with clarity.

(Druid legends say that the three birds of Rhiannon are blackbirds and their song can put the listener into a trance state which enables them to travel to the otherworld.)

Butterfly Changling. Able to transform. Balanced in all things. Grace and beauty.
Camel Ability to see, hear, and smell with clarity.
Can awaken clairvoyance and clairaudient abilities in others. Can stay centred in any situation.
(See Specific)
Cattle Abundance in number. Able to heal self and others.
Cheetah *
Chicken Inquisitive. Observant. Reflective. Knowledgeable. Independent. Able to feel the vibrations of mother earth.
Cougar Self assurance. Ability to lead. Move unseen. Balance.
Coyote Humour in all things. Deceiver (without malice). Trickster.
Crane Indicator of good fortune. Connections to our primal origin. Emotional stability. Spiritual awakening. Able to restore faith in our self and spirit.
Crocodile *
Crow Crows are symbols of creation and spiritual strength. They remind us to look for opportunites to create and manifest the magic of life. They are messengers calling to us about the creation and magic that is alive within our world everyday and available to us! Council with wisdom, Resourceful.
Dingo Duality. Sees life as a game and invites others to play. Can detect subtle energy changes.

(See Specific)

Holds the key to unconditional love. Serve selflessly. Able to forgive freely. Teacher.
Dolphin Joy and happiness. Harmonious with ones self and surroundings. Connection to ones self.
Donkey Perseverance. Servitude. Strong dedication to spirit. Able to get out of dangerous situations.
Dove Security and maternal instinctiveness. Sensitive to emotions. Can assist in releasing trauma stored in our cellular memory.
Dragonfly Skillful in avoidance. Refinement. Tenacious. Relentless.
Eagle Sacred messenger. Master / Mistress of patience. Bringer of visions from spirit. Ability to hear spiritually. Potential. Ability to heal. Lightness. Able to see beyond the horizon.
Elephant Teacher of compassion. Loyalty. Strength. Intelligence. Discernment. Can aid in soul evolution.
Falcon / Hawk *

Elusiveness. Opportunistic. Extremely focused. Holds the power of observation. Intuitive. Sensitive. Can see and know hidden meanings.

Flamingo Power of illusion. Shapeshifting. Work with group consciousness. Clear sighted.
Fox Cleverness. To change with subtleness . Discretion in all things.
Frog Cleaner (spiritual cleansing). Peace loving. Emotional healing.
Gazelle *

Surefooted, Can link to past lives. Teaches us how to create strong foundations. Aids in the letting go of insecurities. Independent.

Gopher *
Gorilla Excellent recall. Observant. Loyalty to family / group. Clairaudient, Close links to nature spirits. Compassionate. Insightful. Healer.
Goose To bring back safely, Protector of the home.
Grizzly Bear Spirit keeper of the West. (The place of maturity and good harvests. Linked to solar energies and lunar energies.) Strength, Power, Introspective and Knowledgeable.
Hawk / Falcon Awareness. Teller of truths. To see beyond the masks. Messenger. Able to move between the seen and unseen world. Prophetic Insight. Clear Vision. Unified with the Great Spirit. The messenger, it awakens our vision and inspires us to a creative life purpose.
Heron Able to maintain balance. Has a secure inner foundation but not fixed. Clarity of understanding.
Hippo Intuitive knowing. Practicallity and stability. Able to see beneath the surface.
Horse Freedom of movement. Safe movement (sure of foot). Ability to overcome adversity.
Hyena *
Ibis *
Iguana *
(See specific)
Jackal *
Jaguar Skill in languages. Can teach steadfastness and flexibility. Able to guide others in the underworld. Able to awaken inner sight.
Kangaroo / Wallaby *
Kestrel Creative. Intuitive. Agile. Patience.
Kingfisher Able to express oneself. Able to go into the unknown without fear. Connected to past lives. Powerful teacher.
Ladybird (ladybug) Strong family ties. Can use energies of renewal. Spiritual idealist. Keen instincts.
Leopard Power of invisibility. Clarity of observation. Intuitive. Avoid objects in the dark.
Lion Fearlessness. Balanced leadership. Gentle and patience.
Lizard Ability to let go. Elusiveness/able to avoid one's enemies.
Llama *

Intelligence. Adaptability. Resourcefulness. Able to live in the light and the dark.

Monkey Observational clarity. Ability to see that which is hidden. Unpredictable. Power and grace.
Moth Strong healing abilities. Ability to percieve with clarity. Ability to guide from the dark to the light.
Mouse The ability to charm. Able to create illusions
N* *
Otter Bringer of joy and laughter. Lightness of touch. Woman medicine.
Owl Wisdom. Ability to see in to shadows. Insight (for self and others). A solo worker but able to assist others when required.
Panther Willpower. Able to connect the seen and unseen. Willingness to learn. Maybe inclined to a delicate stomach. Inner sight. Clarity of Vision.
Panther Shape shifting. Invisibility. Power of silence. Linked to lunar energies.
Penguin *
Q* *
Raccoon *
Rat Adaptability. Self assurance. Sensitive to the environment.
Raven Destroyer / Rebuild, Explorer of the unknown. Mysterious.
Rhinoceros Solitude. Able to use discrimination. Spiritual idealism. Clairaudient. Guardian of ancient wisdom.
Robin Giver of love and joy.
Keeper of dreams. Sensitive to low frequencies. Knowledge of inner child. Can teach subtlety.
Salmon Able to overcome obstacles. Determination. Focused energy. Perseverance.

The Scorpion is a master of self defense and is a symbol of 'always prepared' Scorpion teaches about constant vigilance and how to deal with intensity, whether it be environmental, physical, or spiritual.

By being a small creature, is teaches concealing the readiness through its ability to 'slip through the cracks'.

By its zodiac connection it is connected to late fall and autumn as well.

Seal Agility. Intuition. Kinship with inner voice.Clairaudient.
Snake Associated with rebirth. Able to see the true person. Invisibility. Guardian of sacred places.
Keeper of hidden knowledge. Power, Life force, Able to use earth energies.
Spider Weaver of the web of life. Able to interconnect. Busy.
Shark *
Skunk *
Snake *
Spider *
Shark *
Stingray *

Tiger (Orange)

Focus. Patience. Inner sight. Clairvoyance. Healer (tiger's orange gold colouring symbolizes vitality and regeneration). Courage. Power / Energy. Strength and will-power. Tactics.
Tortoise Self reliant. Self determination. Focus. Inner wisdom.
Turtle Can awaken the senses on both the physical and spiritual level. Clairaudient. Inner knowledge.
U* *
Viper *
Vulture Adaptability. Sacred trust. Resourceful. Innovative.
White Tiger In Chinese mythology the white tiger is the symbol of the west, autumn, and all metals.

The tiger is a night hunter and most with this totem work best at night, too. Also it is an adept swimmer, so peeps with this are spiritually connected with devotion and passion, and a great sense of adventure, as is the tiger's nature.

If tiger is in your life, you approach things slowly and silently with devotion and strength. Tigers also have a strong connection to full and new moons as well.
Walrus *
Whale *

The Wolf is the Teacher it will guard you as it teaches you, sometimes strongly sometimes gently, but always with love. Wolf can teach you how to use ritual to establish order and harmony within your own life.

Wolf helps us to understand how discipline within a group can create true freedom, find new paths, and take new journeys. Able to maintain balance. Ability to teach advise others, is loyal, is independent, is a solo worker but is able to join others as the needs arise.

Wolverine Cunning (can be a trickster). Inner vision. Able to see and face challenges with clarity. Invisibility. Able to shape shift realities.

Is connected to Native American drumming, they also dig into trees to find bugs and grubs to eat which denote digging into something, the art of discrimination and increased analysis.

It also has a peculiar way of flying with a rhythm and manner unique to itself. all this serves to say, be conscious of flying to your own rhythm, and don't be afraid to dig in to make the best choice for what is right for you, sometimes it also means you need to drum up a little change and get some renewed rhythm! Knowledge of personal truth. Inner strength. Mentally strong.

X* *
Yak *
Zebra Protector. Enjoyment of challenges. Can use energy of light and dark to shift realities. Hidden knowledge.

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