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This is the page where you can safely and securely pay for your Official Goetia Magick Meetups with Voxx the Psychic.

Join the world's only Goetia Magick Meetup, and study The Lemegeton (aka The Lesser Key of Solomon the King) with Voxx, one of the world's leading Psychics.

Each meeting is $7.77, (for the Meetup ONLY); $25.00 (includes the Meetup AND the Goetia Magick Spellkit of the Month). The group meets 1 to 4 times per month, depending on our group aims.

The Official Goetia Magick Meetups

Read the Class Syllabus Here.

The Goetia Magick Meetups are dedicated to the study, research and practice of Evoking the 72 Spirits of the Goetia, as described in the classic book, The Lesser Key of Solomon, (also known as The Clavicles of Solomon, and The Lemegeton.

In order to make classes easy for everyone to attend, they are given ONLINE, in real-time in Voxx's Goetia Magick Chatroom. Students are encouraged to purchase a Mini-Spellkit in order to evoke the spirits on their own, after receiving instruction from Voxx.

After learning the Foundational Basics on evocation, Voxx will be available for in-person, group rituals, for those students who express an interest.

Joining the Goetia Magick Meetup saves each student 1/2 off, the regularly-priced, individual classes -- and it's the only class available of its kind, taught by an initiate of the O.T.O., and the G.'.D.'..

Spirits of the Zodiac

Write Voxx to find out the Goetia Spirits which will be evoked for each month; you can also find out this info by joining the Goetia Magick Meetup group on

Pictures of the Goetia Magick Mini-Spellkits are available upon request.

Goetia Magick Meetup Fees

Voxx's Monthly Goetia Magick Meetups:
$25.00 (Per Meeting)
(Includes Mini-Goetia Spellkit)
e-mail for kit pix & details

Voxx's Monthly Goetia Magick Meetups:
$7.77 (For Class Only)
Not Include Mini-Goetia Spellkit)
e-mail for details

Voxx's Monthly Goetia Magick Meetups: Yearly Dues
$66.60 (For 12 Months)
(Entitles Members to 10% Discounts on All Services & Products)
e-mail for details

After we receive your payment confirmation we will email you the Password to enable you to join the Goetia Magick Classroom.

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